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The Bikeworx Story

As an enthusiastic youngster, Noddy always found himself at the handlebars of some 2 wheel machine. Qualifying as an electrical tradesman he never perused his trade but always found a keener interest in engines and two wheels. As a youngster with an eye for mechanics in the motorcycle fraternity he soon became a well known individual for problem solving and repairing motorbikes. Noddy was approached by Michael Crawford in 1981 to enter into the British Superbike Championship as head mechanic and venture to the international superbike arena. It was from then that Noddy and his passion entered into a new chapter of his life.

Since the early days, Noddy has managed national racing teams to the likes of Pro Honda, Winston Racing, Suzuki Racing and lead a mass to the victory flag.

As an inspiring mentor with a goal of fitness in cycling & running, Noddy’s level minded approach always kept the rider and team member’s positive, calm and confident at all times.

South African racing champions such as the Late Heindrich Rheeder (Winston Yamaha), Adolf Boshof, Greg  Dreyer, Greg Geldenhuys to name a few have all passed the checkered flag in first place in many championships over many years. This experience has granted Noddy a passport to motorcycle engineering at its best.

Bikeworx DynoJet Approved Tunning Center

Dyno Is Ready For Most Bikes

Noddy, the Bikeworx owner has since 1994 been offering services for most to all types of motorcycles and now specializes in diagnostics and is an approved DynoJet tuning centre. There is no door that Bikeworx has not opened in diagnostics, legacy, and race bike setups.

Bikeworx Experienced Experts

A wealth of knowledge under one roof

Bikeworx boasts a fully equipped workshop that offer's most to all solutions when it comes to fabrication or development and prototyping. Our fully equipped workshop can handle machining of parts, parts development and legacy part mock-ups if needed and if possible and provide mig/tig welding services while suspension and engine upgrades are also our specialty.

Given Bikeworx as a collective you can agree on their slogan “Bikeworx, Your First Choice!”

For any quotes or queries, give us a shout through our contact page or call us directly on Johannesburg 011-792-5795

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